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Meet Suzy

                          42 Things For My 42nd Year Of Living This Life.

1} Music is like my coffee.
2} I made the mistake of looking up the calories in boiled crawfish. It took me 8 months to forget. I will never make that mistake again. Ever.
3} I love TV crime dramas and true crime podcast.
4} Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actors.
5} I say "holler back" instead of "call if you need anything".
6} Love books and I dog ear. My kids are so ashamed.
7} I am a Mayo girl. Keep the Miracle Whip far away.
8} I love Flo on the Progressive commercials. She makes me laugh, but I am a Gieco girl, because the gecko rules..
9} Hate the color pink but it looks good on me, so I wear it. Begrudgingly.
10} Pride & Prejudice is the best movie evaaaaa. That’s my opinion though, you don't have to agree. Well, on second thought......
11} Love to cook, but nothing is better than someone else doing the dishes.
12} I've been overweight since I was 8. People who judge others on the size of their subcutaneous tissue...they have real issues. Me.....I may be fluffy...but I am killing it!!!
13} My hubby has 35 tattoos. How could I ever possible compete with that. Right???
14} Sushi is the second great love of my life.
15} I like chocolate. The expensive kind. Sadly, I have a milk allergy and can’t have most of it.
16} I own 3 cats/ Basically I am a married cat lady. I regret nothing. 
17} I scrapbook. My kids love it, my hubby hates the price tag.
18} I used to sing in the choir at church. We were required to wear hose. I would wear a dress that swept the floor so I didn't have to wear hose, I wonder if that makes me a rebel.
19} I kiss my boys every chance I get. I claim it's for when they get grown and I can't, but I plan on always embarrassing them, no matter what the age.
20} Country Girl. I grew up on a farm. I showed beefmaster cows and passed FFA with flying colors.
21} My Memaw is my biggest inspiration. She taught me to care. That is a gift worth sharing.
22} Prefer Irises’ to Roses. Plus I get triple the amount for the same price.
23} I write. A lot. In journals. All over the house. Stories, random thoughts. Stuff.
24} Android. No IPhone here.
25} Soccer mom. Who drives a minivan. Keep all jokes to yourself. Moving on.
26} My hair is natural curly and has a mind of it's own. Yes, pray for me, it may drive me crazy yet.
27} Jokes and I don't mix. I over think them and miss the point. Until 3 days later. When I am exhausted, and no longer able to think, and I suddenly burst out laughing. My family just pats me on the head and grins.
28} I didn't have a wedding. I eloped and ordered pizza hut when it was over. 
29} Sometimes it takes me days to tell a story to a friend. If we get interrupted I can pick up at the exact same spot the next day, or week.
30} My mother's middle name is Sue and she hates it, but they named me Susan. I am still figuring that one out.
31} I scored a 26 on my ACT on 3 hours of sleep. I only took it once. I didn't want to jinx it.
32} I studied psychology but ended up a photographer.
33} My hubby ties better bows than I can.
34} When I get mad, I hide in the bathroom and talk to the wall until I calm down.
35} I cry over commercials.
36} When I laugh for real, I snort. Every time.
37} If I am going to drink coffee, it has to be rich, dark, and super bold. No one tone for this girl and hold the chicory please.
38} I love Air 1. It is a Christian radio station. It rocks.
39} I hate to fly, but if I fly, I have to look out the window. It's just so beautiful.
40} I love headbands. Correction, I love large over stated headbands that I wear in the 1920’s flapper headband style.
41} I am a bit of a workaholic...but when you LOVE your can you not!!!!
42} I am proud of my age...because the older a lady gets.....the more she gets away with. ;)

I keep my circle small. Being an empath requires it. I have faced hard times and brokenness, but I walk through it with my head held high. I am blessed with wisdom and strength beyond my years.
I am loyal to a fault. I love people and I
I believe there is a power in kindness and that forgiveness cleanses your heart.
I am so real, that those who fake their way through life tend to not like me........I threaten the falsehood of their self-portrayal. But that is not a reason to change. I will always choose to be me, versus live without my truth.
I am me. I am Susan, Suzy, daughter, sister, wife, friend, mother, dreamer, seeker, learner, capturer of memories, and lover of God.
I make no apologies for being me and each year I find that I was made for the depth of life and not the shallow way of living. 

I am Suzy G

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Oh, so you want to know more? here's the facts:

"Suzy was amazing and does amazing work. Her photojournalistic style was exactly what I was looking for. She captured each moment so perfectly !"

"Her personality & humor made the moments light and easy. The photographs we got back were amazing. She was the best choice!"

"She creates beautiful works of art and keeps you laughing and enjoying the experience. Suzy was the best choice!"

"Suzy was the absolute sweetest & so down to earth. She truly had my vision in mind. So glad we chose her!"

"Suzy made me feel confident and let us be us, all while capturing it beautifully in elegant timeless photographs!!!!"

" We loved Suzy!!! Her calm demeanor was a nice balance to the stress and chaos of our wedding day!"

"I could write a book. She saw our vision and captured it perfectly. Her talent is beyond and her passion just shows. She's family now!"

"She was basically a life saver! Suzy made our wedding adventure fun, and now we have these beautiful pictures to remember our special day! !"

" Have you ever been to a wedding where folks compliment you on the photographer before anything else? Everyone loved her! Our photographs are priceless!"

"Suzy is simply WONDERFUL, she is a talented & creative photographer and an equally amazing, kind, & sweet human being!"