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suzy g

"our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake."

I've been photographing people and their loved ones for over 12 years now. I'm not the world's idea of perfect, but man, am I loved. I have known brokenness, so I see the beauty in all things. I am a lot nerdy, a little goofy, and a huge believer in speaking the good. 
I'm not so fashion forward but I have my own style. Sometimes it matches...sometimes, not so much. 
My whole life I have always been too much. Too nice to be real, too funny to be smart, too fat to be useful, too loud to be wise, too quiet to be heard, too smart to be feminine, too tom boy to be girly, too wise to be normal, too introverted to be friendly, too friendly to be honest, too christian to be fun. 
 So bring me your imperfect, weird, different, nerdy, unsure, awkward, your you, and let me show the world what real true beauty looks like. I am your girl. Trust me. 


Lifestyle & candid photography of people.
Will work for coffee.
Louisiana based but Passport at the ready!