statistics in vBulletin

 Wife ~ Joyful ~ Thankful-Southern Raised Farm Girl ~ Curly Haired ~ Nerdy ~ Coffee Lover ~ Dreamer ~ Believer in God
Wedding Photographer ~ Dog lover~ Cat owner~ Story teller~
Weird Sense Of Humor Having
Irish & German~ Collector of Monopoly Games
Owner of 24 tubes of chap-stick~ Volume must be on an even number
Boots~ Ravenclaw according to Pottermore
Moscato~ Night owl~ Allergic to milk ~ I cuss a little  
Hate spiders~ Loves Butterflies & Frogs~ Shower Singer~ Music Fanatic
Exchange Student Host Mom ~ I call them my heart kids~
Cooking is in my blood~ Book Lover
Dancing Queen~ But only in my kitchen~ Hugger~ Bit By The Travel Bug
Favorite color is Gray, then Purple
Mom~ Killing that role according to my kids
Love paintings~ Photo booth photos rock
Movies at home piled up with my crew over theaters
I love tattoos and their stories~ I love Christmas~ Weird Socks
Mismatched, everyday~ Believer that love is the most powerful force in the universe
Binge watcher of TV series~ Journal writer~ House of Targaryen
Brown-eyed~ Afire Love by Ed Sheeran~ The Voice over Idol
Dr. Who~ Funny by accident ~ Self Taught 


Meet Suzy G

Hello You Gorgeous Thang You, I'm Suzy G

Mr. Coco- The Little Guy

Callie- The Spoiled Kitty

Maleficent- The Shy One

My oldest natural born son. My Kota-Man, my Q, my sweet gentle giant. He warms my heart every day. We are so much alike and yet so different. He reminds me to make time for the really important things in life.  He shoots with me and is my biggest partner in crime.  Well, basically  the worst thing we do is eat sour candy but still. Lol

My youngest natural born son. Baby of the family, cute as can be. He is my wild, my crazy, my full of life. My funny, my laughter. He has kept me on my toes his whole life, and while it is sometimes exhausting, he reminds me to laugh.....I mean really laugh, belly deep, mouth wide, side hurting laugh. 

My Swedish snow storm. Another unplanned, God sent blessing that came into our lives at the perfect time. He is just joyful, bubbling over and fresh. He has made me an even better mom.  It's like he was just always a part of our family, as if there was always a Gus shaped hole, ready for him to fill.

My hurricane. He came crashing into our lives very unexpectedly in August of 2014, not planned, not prepared, but God knew it was right. He is our Italian son and my first heart child. We love to laugh, and sometimes we love to argue, he keeps me seeing the beauty in life. I had the honor of visiting him and his family in Rome in 2017. They have all stolen their own pieces of my heart and I now know them all as my Italian family.

Our beautiful Brazilian daughter and my second heart child. She is vibrant, bright, funny, and reminds me to not be to serious all the time. She is my first daughter and when she left she took a piece of my heart to Brazil with her. 

Our beautiful 2nd Brazilian daughter. She is fun. Loud crazy infectious laughing joy. I never thought a house of 5 people could be empty but Sarah came in very unexpected and just filled it up with her beautiful bubbly self. I can't imagine a time before she was here. God knows and he always does things his way. I am so glad he sent her to us.  

 I was the church girl, he was the bad boy (but only on the outside.) It took him 6 months to get me to go out with him. I thought I had an idea of what love was. I had no true idea. He loves me in a way I never dreamed possible. Every imperfection, every good day, bad day, 4 different moods in a hour day, crazy idea days, kind of considering running away days, working way to much days. We are best friends and dream keepers. It's been 19 years since our story began. We fall asleep holding hands, he eats the sausage out of my gumbo, thinks I am cute when I am mad, I call him 'Ole Man and he calls me sexy hotty pants, we steal kisses in the kitchen and don't care who sees, he drives me crazy but that's what makes our life so fun. He loves me even though I am not the worlds idea of perfect. This is why I love to capture love stories ......because I love mine. 

Joseph ~ The Hubby