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My name is Susan, aka- Suzy G

I usually say holler back instead of call me.
I love 20's style flapper headbands.
 I'm a little nerdy, sometimes shy & always smile.
I'm short and my boys are forever picking on me about it.
Seeing the beauty in everyone comes so easy for me.
I love fiercely and strongly with no reservation. I believe this is a strength, not a weakness.
I HATE spiders.
I don't talk before my morning coffee.
My hair is naturally curly, it’s a love/hate thing.
I hate pink, but it is perfect with my complexion.
I'm a little of a mega nerd.
I’m a graphic t-shirt, hat, boot lover.
I love the written word.
I LOVE crawfish. Boiled, spicy, hot, crawfish.
I am the only woman at my house. I am painfully out numbered. It has taught me patience.
When things get stressful at a wedding...I stay chill(see above, lol).
I love living in Louisiana. I am always amazed at the stunning beauty that is everywhere around me......even with our psycho weather and hair killing humidity.

Meet Suzy G

I am real. I am goofy. I am a little weird, but in crunch time I slay. I am Suzy.
Welcome to my crazy fun little life.

~The Crazy Little Garland Crew~
I am the only girl in my household with exception of our 2 cats and my sons dog Ella. My hubby, 2 sons, and 2 boy dogs have us outnumbered. I can say they keep things interesting everyday. I also have three very wonderful heart kids. Lorenzo from Italy, Teresa from Brazil, and Gustav from Sweden. They were our exchange students and are very much a real part of our wonderful family everyday. My family and friends are my greatest inspirations. My everyday memories, the moments I capture to remember my life with them, remind me that the work I do is precious, valuable in more ways than a heart can express. I believe love is the greatest most powerful force in the world. That it can cause you to have faith, joy, hope, and see beauty in everything around you. Some say it must be tiring living with this view of the world......I say there is no other way to truly LIVE.

Our beautiful Brazilian daughter and my second heart child. She is vibrant, bright, funny, and reminds me to not be to serious all the time. She is my only daughter and when she left she took a piece of my heart to Brazil with her. I hope to visit her beautiful Fortaleza soon. 

My hurricane. He came crashing into our lives very unexpectedly in August of 2014, not planned, not prepared, but God knew it was right. He is our Italian son and my first heart child. We love to laugh, and sometimes we love to argue, he keeps me seeing the beauty in life. I had the honor of visiting him and his family in Rome in 2017. They have all stolen their own pieces of my heart and I now know them all as my Italian family.

Tank- The 1 eyed Bulldog

Callie- The Spoiled Kitty

Mr. Coco- The Little Guy

Maleficent- The Shy One

My oldest natural born son. My Kota-Man, my Q, my sweet gentle giant. He warms my heart every day. We are so much alike and yet so different. He reminds me to make time for the really important things in life. 

My youngest natural born son. Baby of the family, cute as can be. He is my wild, my crazy, my full of life. My funny, my laughter. He has kept me on my toes his whole life, and while it is sometimes exhausting, he reminds me to laugh.....I mean really laugh, belly deep, mouth wide, side hurting laugh. 

My Swedish cutie pie. Another unplanned, God sent blessing that came into our lives at the perfect time. He is just joyful, bubbling over and fresh. It's like he was just always a part of our family, as if there was always a Gus shaped hole, ready for him to fill.