statistics in vBulletin

 Wife ~ Joyful ~ Thankful-Southern Raised Farm Girl ~ Curly Haired ~ Nerdy ~ Coffee Lover ~ Dreamer ~ Believer in God
Wedding Photographer ~ Dog lover~ Cat owner~ Story teller~
Weird Sense Of Humor Having
Irish & German~ Collector of Monopoly Games
Owner of 24 tubes of chap-stick~ Volume must be on an even number
Boots~ Ravenclaw according to Pottermore
Moscato~ Night owl~ Allergic to milk ~ I cuss a little  
Hate spiders~ Loves Butterflies & Frogs~ Shower Singer~ Music Fanatic
Exchange Student Host Mom ~ I call them my heart kids~
Cooking is in my blood~ Book Lover
Dancing Queen~ But only in my kitchen~ Hugger~ Bit By The Travel Bug
Favorite color is Gray, then Purple
Mom~ Killing that role according to my kids
Love paintings~ Photo booth photos rock
Movies at home piled up with my crew over theaters
I love tattoos and their stories~ I love Christmas~ Weird Socks
Mismatched, everyday~ Believer that love is the most powerful force in the universe
Binge watcher of TV series~ Journal writer~ House of Targaryen
Brown-eyed~ Afire Love by Ed Sheeran~ The Voice over Idol
Dr. Who~ Funny by accident ~ Self Taught 


Meet Suzy G

Hello You Gorgeous Thang You, I'm Suzy G