statistics in vBulletin

 Wife ~ Joyful ~ Thankful-Southern Raised Farm Girl ~ Curly Haired ~ Nerdy ~ Coffee Lover ~ Dreamer ~ Believer in God
Wedding Photographer ~ Dog lover~ Cat owner~ Story teller~
Weird Sense Of Humor Having
Irish & German~ Collector of Monopoly Games
Owner of 24 tubes of chap-stick~ Volume must be on an even number
Boots~ Ravenclaw according to Pottermore
Moscato~ Night owl~ Allergic to milk ~ I cuss a little  
Hate spiders~ Loves Butterflies & Frogs~ Shower Singer~ Music Fanatic
Exchange Student Host Mom ~ I call them my heart kids~
Cooking is in my blood~ Book Lover
Dancing Queen~ But only in my kitchen~ Hugger~ Bit By The Travel Bug
Favorite color is Gray, then Purple
Mom~ Killing that role according to my kids
Love paintings~ Photo booth photos rock
Movies at home piled up with my crew over theaters
I love tattoos and their stories~ I love Christmas~ Weird Socks
Mismatched, everyday~ Believer that love is the most powerful force in the universe
Binge watcher of TV series~ Journal writer~ House Stark 
Brown-eyed~ Afire Love by Ed Sheeran~ The Voice over Idol
Dr. Who~ Funny by accident ~ Self Taught 


Meet Suzy G

Hello Gorgeous , I'm Suzy G 

 I’m a little nerdy (ok, a lot nerdy, I saw that side eye everyone threw that really knows me), I love to read, I enjoy cooking with my family, I don’t like malls, Amazon is my go to shopping spree….from the comfort of my PJ’s. Don’t knock it till you try it, I’m just sayin. I do know how to dress up though. Promise.
I met my hubby when I was 19, I am now a proud 39, we have been together every since. He is my opposite, which means he drives me crazy but loves me like no other ever could. I am not societies idea of perfect, but in his eyes, I am beyond that.
I am an animal lover, I have 1 dog and three cats……and boys, teenage sons are equal to living in a house with small goats, chickens, a lamb, and 1 very hungry pig all at the same time. Some days sanity is an option not a requirement. Haha.
There is another fun thing we do as a family……we host exchange students. We are now up to 5 heart kids and our family grows every year. It is the most amazing experience ever. Look below for some cute photos of all my little children’s, but don’t let the cuteness fool you, they are beyond spoiled. Every single one. I am admitting to the guilt, openly.
 I am a story teller.
I like to share funny stories with people, my kids give me plenty to work with in that area. At work, though, I am a story writer with my camera, because if a story is never properly told, it fades and is forgotten. I love people, different cultures, unique looks, and anyone who walks just a little off the path to their own drum.
Rock on path makers, rock on.
 I do have an easy way about me, for some reason people feel peaceful when I am around, or at least that’s what my brides say. I love nothing more than when a couple says they are awkward in front of the camera and then we spend an hour laughing through a session and end up with amazing shots. I put a lot of heart into my work. I am always looking to grow, to find something new to make it better, or a new idea to just rock my little world. I would be half empty without my photography. I shoot how I see the world and the people in it. It’s that simple and that amazing.